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Lampe Berger diffusers:


Invented in 1897, by French pharmacist Maurice Berger, the Lampe Berger diffuser was designed specifically to disinfect air in hospitals in France.

Lampe Berger is a unique product, that can improve your health and breathing by removing airborne bacteria.
Unlike other products available on the market, Lampe Berger is the only diffuser to truly provide multiple benefits in your home.

Don’t be fooled by claims from other companies, promoting “identical” benefits to the Lampe Berger range. The only benefit their diffusers provide is aromatherapy, which provides temporary relief at best.

Masking a smell using a stronger smell is not eliminating it, it is temporarily overpowering it. Once the stronger smell fades away, the original bad smell will return.

This is why most products on the market have such strong smells to begin with, because they do not actually remove the smell at all, instead they simply cover it up with an even stronger one !

Genuine Lampe Berger products on the other hand, provide multiple benefits to your lifestyle, and lift bad odours from the air and fabric.

Benefits of using the diffuser:


  • Removes bacteria from the air, preventing disease and illness
  • Removes airborne dust, allowing easier breathing
  • Removes smoke, from the air and fabrics

  • Removes bad odors trapped in fabric and carpet
  • Eliminates kitchen and bathroom smells
  • Removes cat and dog urine odor

  • Kills dust mites on contact
  • Pet friendly and can kill fleas
  • A pleasant range of soft fragrances to choose from

  • Purifies air by releasing oxygen
  • Prevents mold growth
  • Releases negative ions, strengthening your immune system

A bit of History:


Lampe Berger was invented in 1897 by Pharmacist Maurice Berger, and was later used in hospital wards in Paris during World War 1.
At the time, Lampe Berger was odorless, its main benefit being that it could kill airborne bacteria and prevent disease.

In 1910, the first Lampe Berger boutique was opened at 18 Rue Duphot, in Paris. At the time, smoke bars were commonplace in Paris, and Lampe Berger was readily adopted by high society, to reduce second hand smoke from these social venues.

Famous writers Colette and Jean Cocteau, and world famous painter Picasso were great fans of Lampe Berger products, due both to their design and beauty. Many Lampe Berger diffusers are hand-made, even today, providing both uniqueness and artistic curiosity, as no two Lampe Berger diffusers are quite  identical.

In 1927, essential oils derived from plants were added to the formula, providing additional aromatherapy benefits to both new and future Lampe Berger diffuser designs.

Lampe Berger Collectors Club

During the 19th century, a collectors club known as “Club des Collectionneurs de Lampe Berger”
(Lampe Berger Collectors Club) was formed to organize the systematic collection of original Lampe Berger art pieces, as with each year that passes, a new range of Lampe Berger designs are created, and in most cases, previous designs are no longer available for purchase, unless you can find someone willing to sell a past art piece to you.

A Wide Range of Elegant Designs To Choose From…

The diffuser designs range from simple clear or colored bulbous glass flasks to highly elaborate, intricate works of art, crafted by some of the top French designers around today. In fact, some designs are so unusual that to the untrained eye, the Lampe Berger diffuser could be confused with an exquisite sculptural piece, especially in the collector’s range, where function is given second place to art.

The signature and collectors range of diffusers are highly distanced from the basic designs, despite sharing the same functions. This range is exclusively hand made, and incorporates both exotic variation with creative flair.

Hand Crafted, Meticulous Attention To Detail

The diffusers in this category carry a higher price tag, but in turn they are tuned to a much greater level of precision. They are handcrafted by materials such as fine porcelain, rare timbers, silver, gold, pewter, jewels, bronze and Baccarat crystal.

While the diffusers in this range still incorporate the benefits of the basic Lampe Berger range, they are in a class of their own when it comes to their elaborate and unique design.

Some of the diffusers in the collectors range are extremely rare, due to having strictly limited production quantities, with as few as 250 pieces being created worldwide. These diffusers are individually numbered, signed by the artist, and also include a Certificate of Authenticity to ensure maximum quality.

Over the past decade, several fake design companies have popped up and tried to imitate Lampe Berger diffusers in this range, but these are easily spotted in the market, and in many cases the original designs have been so intricate that fakes stand out like a sore thumb.

Genuine versus Fake

Due to the worldwide popularity of Lampe Berger, there have even been companies that have tried to manufacture fake oils for Lampe Berger use, however the catalytic stone has been specifically designed to only work with genuine oils, and so burning these fake oils simply will not work.

As a rule of thumb, if it’s not made in France, it’s not genuine Lampe Berger, as there is only one factory worldwide that manufactures the Lampe Berger diffusers, and all products are shipped from this location, in France.

To provide enough oil to meet the demands of customers worldwide, Lampe Berger has set up a factory with the largest bottling facility currently in existence. I do not have an exact figure available, although I’ve been told they manufacture over 300,000 bottles of oil each day.

The oil was originally sold in huge 2 litre glass bottles, but these days the bottles have been reduced to 1 litre or 500ml in size, and are now made from a distinctive clear brown translucent plastic, with a blue cap on top. In some parts of the world, the oils ship in white or clear plastic bottles, this all depends on the region.

A Range of Pleasant, Homely Scents

Different scents of oils are available in different countries, individually tailored to suit the cultural needs. With over 20 scents available, there is sure to be a scent that you will enjoy.

The scents are not the typical strong scented artificial flavors employed by most companies on the market. Instead, they are homely scents, which blend in with your lifestyle.

Scents include Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Apple, Lavender and Green Tea, as well as several type of Roses, Jasmine, other flowers and fig.

There are even situation specific oils, designed to kill dust mites, repel insects, or neutral scent for those who prefer no smell at all. Some non-believers of Lampe Berger have claimed that the smell is removed by replacing it with another smell, as with the majority of air based deodorizers available on the market.

These claims were quickly dispelled when these customers used a bottle of Neutral oil, which provides the same benefits as the scented versions, (minus the aromatherapy functions of course.)

Alcohol based, Non-Oily

Unlike other diffusers available on the market, the Lampe Berger diffuser vaporizes essential oil without an open flame. If flammable materials such as cloth or paper fall on the diffuser during operation, they will get warm, but not catch on fire.

Even if the diffuser is knocked over, and the essential oil spills out, the oil will evaporate leaving no stain, and will not cause a fire from direct contact with the burner.

Scientifically Proven

Lampe Berger diffusers have been scientifically proven to reduce airborne bacteria. The Lampe Berger diffuser underwent air improvement testing at Lyon University of France.

The diffuser was placed in a 60 square foot room, and a controlled amount of airborne bacteria was added to the air. The diffuser was then operated for 30 minutes, and then deactivated.

The level of airborne bacteria was measured 1 hour after the diffuser had been deactivated, and it was found that the diffuser had reduced airborne bacteria levels by 91.4%. It remained at this level for 3 hours after deactivation. Bacteria levels returned to normal 24 hours after the diffuser had been deactivated.

Further airborne bacteria testing experiments have been carried out by the “Institute for Environmental Health and Related Product Safety Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention” and the “Institute of Development and Quality,” in Macau, to ensure the accuracy of the experiments results.

A report on the “Reduction of smoke components” was completed by the University of Havre, which showed the reduction of smoke particles in a controlled environment, where 4 smokes were burning, after an activated Lampe Berger diffuser was introduced.

Reduces Cigarette Smoke

Smoke reduction is noticeable after only 10 minutes of diffuser operation in an enclosed environment.

A lab report measuring the release of negative ions by the Lampe Berger diffuser was conducted by the “Japan Far Infrared Association.”

Before the diffuser was activated, negative ion count was measured to be 43/cc. After running the diffuser for 20 minutes, the negative ion count was remeasured 20cm from the diffuser, at 536/cc,
or 12 times increase.

The negative ion levels were remeasured from a distance of 80cm from the diffuser, which showed a level of 320/cc, or 7 times increase.


In recent years, Lampe Berger was used to protect medical staff at the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, during the SARS epidemic, with a donation of 1332 bottles of 2L Lampe Berger oil being made in 2003.

Lampe Berger has won multiple awards since its development, including:

1901       French National Product Invention Award
6 times winner of Paris Product Award
Lyon Superior Commodity Award
Grenoble Commodity Award
Decoratifs Art Award
Diplome D’Honneur Sales Award

1906       Roman Market Product Award, Italy

1912       Exposition Internationale d’Economie Managere Gold Award

1925       Chambre Syndicate des Accessories de Pharmacie Gold Award
France’s Grenoble National Tourist Gold Award

1938       National Scientific Research and Development Gold Award

2000       US Atlanta Annual Award for Best Decorative Figure Certificate

2001       High Quality Consumer Product and Lifestyle Art Award, France

2003-4   CAPITAL Best of the Best for Executives Award (Best Health & Nourish Brand)

Where to purchase – from us !

Genuine Lampe Berger diffusers are available from this website, for shipment worldwide.
The essential oil that is used in Lampe Berger diffusers can only be shipped via ground or sea cargo.
For this reason, if you live outside of Australia please contact us, and we will put you in touch with your nearest local Lampe Berger essential oil distributor.

Caring for your Lampe Berger

Lampe Berger diffusers are highly durable, if properly cared for. Provided the included instructions are followed correctly, your Lampe Berger diffuser will last a long time.

In France, Lampe Berger diffusers have been known to be passed down between generations as family heirlooms.
If the burner stone is used regularly, with a pure scent of Lampe Berger essential oil, the stone will usually last for 200 uses or 1 year. After this date, it is recommended you replace them with a new one.

If different essential oils are mixed, although rare, there is the possibility of the stone becoming clogged, due to slight variances between the essential oils, dust exposure, moisture build up etc.
In most cases, a clogged burner stone can be easily cleaned by exposing it to a blue flame for less than a minute, allowing the clogged debris to be burnt out.

Alternatively, you can remove the clogged wick from the diffuser, and place it in a small container filled with enough pure isopropyl alcohol, or Lampe Berger essential oil for it to be fully submerged. Cover the container, either with a lid or with plastic wrap, and let the wick soak overnight in the liquid.

In the morning, remove the wick, and let it sit on a clean piece of paper, until the wick is completely dry. This process will help to remove oil based buildup, and dislodge dust particles from within the ceramic burner stone. After reinserting the wick into the diffuser, reapply the cap, and leave the wick soaking in the diffuser for approximately 20 minutes, before attempting to relight it.

If your wick produces puffs of white smoke, or continuous white smoke, it means the stone was not hot enough when you blew out the flame, or the oil you are using is not designed for Lampe Berger products.
Only Lampe Berger branded oil will work with Lampe Berger diffusers.

Using Dusk or other branded essential oils can damage the burner stone, and will void your warranty.

If you are using genuine Lampe Berger oil, and you see white puffs of smoke, relight the wick, and wait until the yellow flame reduces to a blue flame, before blowing it out. If the flame does not become blue, the wick may be due for replacement.

If you own a mini blowtorch, such as the ones used for creme brulee, this may be used directly on the stone part of the wick, to burn out impurities and build up. Be careful not to expose the wick itself to the flame, as it is braided cotton, and will burn.

I would suggest holding the wick with either tongs or long nosed pliers to avoid burning your fingers if you attempt this method, as a blowtorch can cause serious burns if the flame touches your skin.

Wick Replacements

If the stone is very old, visibly damaged or goes out when it is lit, the burner stone should be replaced. This is available from the Australian Distributor www.lampeberger.com.au as a spare part.

The burner stone is continually being improved, so don’t be alarmed if the replacement looks slightly different to the original.


Burner heads are all compatible with each other, except for some Collector’s Edition diffusers, which have longer wicks due to their unusually tall designs.

If you own a collectors edition or limited edition diffuser, please let us know when you order a new wick, as the two lengths cost the same price, but are 5cm different in length to each other.

Collector’s Edition diffusers are hand sculptured ornamental pieces, with a range of designs so diverse, that some are completely unrecognizable as diffusers at all.

While they still provide the same benefits as the basic diffusers, many people collect them simply for their magnificent design and beauty, and never actually use them practically as diffusers.


You can see the Collector’s Edition and Signature Edition range in our gallery here. Please note, most of the Collector’s edition diffusers have sold out, and being limited edition, they are not manufactured anymore. You can check the remaining stock on the diffuser page here.


Lampe Berger essential oil is available in the clearance section, for just $40 AUD per litre.

That may still sound like a lot at first, so let’s do a basic comparison to other essential oils on the market.

A typical bottle of regular essential oil, costs $9 per 15mL.
Convert that into Litres, and it works out to be $600 per litre!

Regular essential oils only give aromatherapy benefits, and miss out on all the added benefits that a Lampe Berger diffuser will bring to your home and lifestyle. (Dust free AND bacteria free air)

So in actual fact, what seemed a lot to begin with is actually great value for money.
You SAVE $560 per litre AND get extra benefits, plus there’s low risk of starting a fire when you get distracted and you walk out of the room.

Value for Money

A 1 Litre bottle of Genuine Lampe Berger essential oil will last for a minimum of 40 hours on average.
At 20mins per day typical usage, this equates to about 120 uses, or 4 months per bottle.

One thing to note, is that due to varying expansion rates of different materials, diffusers made from glass tend to use up oil faster than those made from ceramic or crystal.

Basic diffusers are made of glass, while the limited edition ones are made from ceramic or crystal.

I have personally tested each of these materials in my own home, and find that diffusers made from crystal tend to use essential oil most efficiently of the three types, but only in the order of a few hours difference.

Genuine Lampe Berger diffusers start from $50 for the basic glass version, and go up from there.
Edition d’Art, Limited edition, and Signature Lamps range from $70 up to $250, with one exception.


Collector’s Edition

“Violoncelle” by Arman, is an extremely rare Collector’s Edition Lampe Berger diffuser.




This magnificent design consists of a Baccarat crystal center flask, encased by a 7kg hand-sculptured bronze cage, trimmed with scrolls and pegs resembling the top of a cello. The construction is hand signed by the late Arman himself, and limited to 250 pieces.

Sadly, Arman passed away in New York in 2005, making this rare piece an exceptional collector’s edition item to own, and carrying an exceptional price tag to match.

Valued at AU$22,500, this is the rarest, and highest value Lampe Berger diffuser ever made, and also the heaviest to date, measuring in at a staggering 7kg.

If you are interested in purchasing this item, please contact us directly, to arrange a private viewing session. With only 250 in existence worldwide, this masterpiece is rarely seen in the wild, beyond photographs and magazines.


Just a reminder, all Lampe Berger diffuser designs change throughout the year.
If a particular design catches your eye, act fast or it may be too late to order one (or anything like it) in the future.

To see the full range of Genuine Lampe Berger diffusers available check out the diffuser page here, and to see the impressive range of past models, visit our gallery on pinterest, more information on current specials can be found on the Lampe Berger Sydney Facebook page.

A full list of genuine Lampe Berger Essential oils can be found here.

Enjoy all the benefits of Lampe Berger diffusers today.


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