sail-raising--accord-marin-citronIntroducing our latest air cleaning product,
5th ElementNow with FREE Shipping

Please note: 5th Element oils are not compatible with Lampe Berger diffusers

If you have a 5th Element diffuser, you can use these oils as refills.

Some customers have used this product to improve the smell of their cats or dogs, by adding 1 teaspoon to their bath.

As they are alcohol based they can be used for cleaning and destroying germs on contact, or combed through fur to remove bad smells, or fleas.

How it helps:

– Kills 99.9% of germs, viruses and fungi on contact
– Kills fleas & ticks on contact – comb it through pet hair to remove odors too

– Use it to remove glue and adhesive residues from labels on jars.
– Clean grease and dirt from glass, mobile phones and furniture

– Dab it on an area to remove pet urine and odours from most fabrics
– It is safe enough to use around the home

– Wipe it onto gardening tools, to prevent spreading plant diseases
– Spray it on your hands to kill germs and bacteria, and remove grease or oil

– 100% biodegradable – the active ingredient (isopropyl) is derived from beetroots
– Choose your favourite scent, to leave your home feeling fresh and clean !


Stock levels updated 25th August 2016

5th Element                          Retail Price was $45, now $24.95 !

Name Scent Qty Price Size
Woodland Wood 5 $24.95 500mL
Tobacco Patchouli, Cinnamon 6 $24.95 500mL
Red Fruits Red currant 5 $24.95 500mL
Soft Night Chamomile 4 $24.95 500mL
Sea Mist/Source of Vitality Bergamot 5 $24.95 500mL
Poets Laureate Laurier Rose-Jasmin 6 $24.95 500mL
Exotis Tropical Flowers 5 $24.95 500mL
Meditation Oriental Incense 1 $24.95 500mL
Fairy Wonderland Vanilla 10 $24.95 500mL
Summer Evening Citronelle 7 $24.95 500mL
Petals of Sun Amber 1 $24.95 500mL
Neutral Neutral 4 $24.95 500mL
Pink Lady Grapefruit 3 $24.95 500mL
Sail Raising Accord Marin-Citron 5 $24.95 500mL
Love at First Sight Rose d’Iris 6 $24.95 500mL