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Lampe Berger Sydney – Welcome to our Online Store

Lampe Berger Sydney.com, is the number one place in Sydney, to purchase all your Lampe Berger needs.

Due to the alarming number of fake Lampe Berger diffusers emerging on the market, we felt the need to stand up and take action, ensuring our customers have access to the Real range of Lampe Berger products.

Located in Macquarie Park in Sydney, we provide our customers with a large variety of Genuine Lampe Berger diffusers, including a wide selection of Genuine Lampe Berger essential oils, spare parts and accessories.

If you feel that you may have been tricked or fooled into purchasing a non-genuine Lampe Berger product from vendors in the past, please contact our support team and we will happily assist you in identifying the item you have purchased, to confirm whether or not it is a Genuine Lampe Berger item.

We look forward to doing business will you.


Ps, if you stumbled across this page during your internet travels, and were wanting further information on Lampe Berger and it’s history, please visit LampeBergerSydney.com to discover all the benefits of Lampe Berger that you’re currently missing out on, plus more !